Cuplikan Kronologis Tenggelamnya MV. Bulk Jupiter karena Bauxite Liquefaction – Baca dalam terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia !

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Cuplikan kronologis sebagai bahan pembelajaran bagaimana proses tenggelamnya Kapal MV. Bulk Jupiter  di awal tahun 2015 ( Dynamic Separation due to dangerous Cargo / Bauxite Liquefaction Sank ) berdasarkan kesaksian salah seorang Crew Chief Cook yang yang berasal dari Kota Ilo-ilo, Filipina, adalah satu-satunya yang selamat dari Bulk Jupiter.


3.20 On the morning of the 2nd January the Chief Cook awoke at around 0600 and proceeded to the galley to prepare for the first meal of the day. From his recollection the weather was starting to deteriorate as the vessel was rolling more heavily than the previous day. With the galley setup he then returned to his cabin (see figure 15) on ‘B’ deck.

3.21 At approximately 0640 the general alarm was sounded followed by an announcement by the Master directing all crew to proceed to the bridge. The Chief Cook put on his overalls and started to make his way to the bridge but before arriving on the bridge deck he was met by fellow crew members (number unknown) who instructed him to proceed to the port side lifeboat located on A deck (see figure 16).

3.22 The Chief Cook returned to his cabin to collect his lifejacket, immersion suit and driving license ID. He later recalled that while in his cabin he felt the vessel suddenly starting to roll more heavily, particularly to starboard. He left his cabin in order to make his way to the port side lifeboat, at this point the vessel suffered a black out, emergency lights then came on, and the vessel stopped rolling and adopted approximately a 45o

3.23 Due to the angle of list the Chief Cook was unable to make his way to the port side access door, at which point he made the decision to utilize the internal staircase and proceed up to ‘C’ deck where he met the Master. He instructed the Chief Cook to follow him and together they exited the accommodation block via the starboard side access door (see figure 17). No other crew were seen on board by the Chief Cook after this point in time.

3.24 Having exited the accommodation area of the vessel both men found themselves on a small platform (see figure 18), on the starboard side, aft external stairway with the waves washing over them. The Master, wearing his lifejacket, jumped into the sea followed shortly after by the Chief Cook who at this point had donned his lifejacket – neither were wearing an immersion suit. The Chief Cook confirmed that he did see a life raft in the sea but was unable to reach it; he did notice that no one was present inside. The two men stayed together while swimming away from the vessel prior to it sinking. As they looked back from a safe distance, despite the heavy seas they could just see that the vessel had almost disappeared beneath the waves.

3.25 At 0654 the Japanese Coast Guard and Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (JCG MRCC) received an undesignated distress alert from the Bulk Jupiter in position 09° 01’01.00” N 109° 15’26.01” E underway at a speed of 4.3kn on a heading 210°. Immediately after receiving the distress alert the JCG relayed the information to all vessels in the region and began the Search & Rescue operation. Repeated attempts to contact the vessel on all communication channels were exhausted with no response.

3.26 At 0700 on the 2nd January Vinamarine (Vietnam Maritime Administration) received EPIRB distress signal in position 08° 58’56” N 109° 14’94” E (approximately 150 NM off the coast of Vietnam). After receiving this radio beacon transmission Vinamarine directed the local Search & Rescue Coordination Centre and requested other competent agencies to carry out a search and rescue operation.

3.27 At around 0700 on the 2nd January, Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centre (Vietnam MRCC) received information from Vietnam Maritime Communication and Electronics Company (Vishipel) that a distress signal from EPIRB of the Bulk Jupiter was activated in position 08° 58’56 N109°14’94 E. Vietnam MRCC tried to contact the vessel but was unsuccessful in receiving a transmission back from the vessel. At the same time, Vietnam MRCC received information from Singapore Maritime Port Authority that the vessel had also sent out a distress signal in the above position.

3.28 Sunrise on the morning of the 2nd January was 0712 in the vessel’s approximate position.

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